Brazillian wandering spider.
oh meu fodorem!!!

Brazillian wandering spider.

oh meu fodorem!!!

Still time  to apply…


This weekend has been so tiring, i had the surveyor visit on Friday to study the damp in this property. Took ages with him photographing everything, taking damp readings (they use this Star Trek looking device that they stab in to walls) and asking a million questions. He was a nice guy, but after all this, he assessed that the damp had dried. But he did say the property was nearly a hundred years old so one has to expect such things.

Well it took four months to fix the damp in the living room, but now there is only one section left to paint and i have to admit, it looks much better. 

I peeled back the wallpaper in the bedroom and it was full of black mould spots, i think the builders originally hired to do the repairs (four years ago before i lived here) were cutting corners and using dirty water to mix the paste. So!, all the wallpaper has to be stripped (done half so far), then the walls have to be washed with anti mould spray, then left to dry, then painted.

So tommorow after work , i have to buy paint, scrapers and mould spray and get stripping. Really the landlord should be doing this !, but since i had to get the environmental health to threaten legal action to get him to put anti damp proofing in the living room i have little hopes. You know this property is very run down…

My housemate, he has bad depression so while he lived here while i was at University he never got any repairs done. I left for Uni, then i had a bad landlord experience (plus relationship disaster) so i just wanted a break after my degree. This was only supposed to be a temporary move, you know, i have been here a year now…and im doing all this work for this property. Its draining.

 I want to be out of this property  this time next year!

Good riddance to it.

 Right now im sleeping on the sofa, because until the room is fixed…its unhealthy to sleep there.

What a life…;)

"Belo can be beautiful and nice…porque?
‘Um belo encontro inusitado’.
I translated um belo = A beautiful…’
But instead its translated ‘A nice’…"

In Brazil portugeuse, nouns changes according to their relation in a scentence. It is confusing, since in English we would just change the word, Nice is very different from beautiful.

Linda = beautiful

I thought Linda was spanish but nao…

Muita Linda= very beautiful.

Bonita= beautiful

que merda hain…

Bonita, Linda , Belo  all can be ‘beautiful’.

Menina =boy


Eva let her fingertip hover so softly above Lillies back, so the gentlest of sensations could happen, just the heat of the blood in her finger, warming the space between skin.Then slowly like honey she wrote words with her hands , a new testament up and down her back. It was a long text, full of fire, at her hips with her lips she wrote five new commandments, two on the left, two on the right and one in the middle.
The room was dark and oven hot, tree branches played shadow puppets on the wall, the outside world was trying to control the narrative.
Lillies foot shot out like a snake and silenced the light.

In to the sun they sank, beneath the fire, white hot, creating colours no language could describe. Two becoming one, everything sliding in to each other, a jerking screaming, smashing, kicking almost killing release.
Rivers ran down their bodies, they could slide it around on their boiling skin like they were melting.


— Immediate poem based on my first women Eve and Lilith drawings and paintings.

"que merda hein…"

— what the fuck huh…

Sao Palo museum of Modern art Paolistana avenue.

"We lay in total absence of form,a boiling darkness surrounds us like a second skin, blackberry desert, nightshade sand,burning to bone We are melting, slipping in to each other, fusing, thoughts following the same path, electric twins. I can feel your life force shooting out in jets from your mouth, soft pointed tongue, testing teeth, you bite so deep."